Primitive Portrait

Just sunk my teeth into Mindy Lacefield's Primitive Portraits class. If you haven't taken one of her She paints with such ease and that's something I've been searching for in my own process for like ever. I referenced a photo for this one and I think it looks a lot like my subject. It's a surprise gift. There is nothing better than the gift of art!! 

Hunca Munca & Moppet

 Munca - acrylic on 5x5 wood panel

Moppet - acrylic on 5x5 wood panel

 Email me if you are interested in a commissioned kitty portrait.
I would love to paint one just for you!

Here kitty, kitty!

I'm a dog person painting cats?!?!
The top one reminds me of Gus, the only cat I've ever had. He would play fetch and lived in my first apartment I shared with my sis. When I moved in with my now husband, I don't think he thought Gus was a part of that deal but the cat eventually grew on him. Then a tumor grew on the cat and we put him to sleep when he was only 5 years old. Poor Gus - the only cat I'll ever have! 

Anyone recognize these kitties??